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Some Facts about the General Motors Diet

The GM Diet has undoubtedly become a much known regime, associated with losing weight. But losing weight is a side-effect that has to be seen in the right context. To take an extreme example, an underweight person should not lose weight. But as is true about most things in this world, people tend to become dogmatic about certain things. Here, I try to bring forth certain aspects of the diet which will be worthy of keeping in mind – not just for people who trust this diet, but also for the naysayers.

  • This is NOT really a weight loss diet – Well, it’s true that many people experience some loss in weight after following the GM Diet. But please bear in mind that weight is a combination of various factors, which include not just body fat and water, but also the state of your digestive system. Seven days are NOT enough to lose weight by any means. But, read on…
  • This diet helps cleanse the body of most people – Just go through the diet program once again to understand why. Remember this basic principle: Fruits are body cleansers and betterment catalysts whereas vegetables are generative agents. Seven days of natural, unspoilt food give your body enough of a chance to get back in shape. Think of this as a trip to the servicing station – only for your body, and not for you vehicle though. And like you vehicle’s performance and mileage are enhanced after every trip to the service station, so does your body react to such cleansing activities.
  • There is no real substitute for exercises for weight loss – But, exercise is not just what happens inside of the gymnasium. Walking is as good as any other exercise, if managed with some thought. If you are one of those lucky people required to walk daily, tweak your walking activities to provide enough calorie-burning effects. Walk briskly. Take a different, longer route while moving from point A to point B. Start earlier and walk a bit more to office by getting off you cab slightly before your normal point, or getting into the bus a few stops after your regular stop. But, beware – be a safe walker! Climb the staircase, instead of taking the elevator. There are plenty of options!
  • Eat at the right time – This can not be emphasized enough! Two people with very similar diets can end up with different body weights and health conditions because of the way in which their bodies respond to food, apart from other environmental/mental conditions. But you can certainly give your body a chance to thank yourself by following this golden maxim – Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. In another article, I’ll try and bring out certain aspects of eating and timing.
  • Drink a lot of water – Your body is 70+% water. Your food too should be. Else, you are not eating right. Also, it’s a huge mistake to drink cold water, especially after food. Drink/sip warm or hot water – especially after you’ve had food. At other times, you can drink normal water. Water alone can help you maintain good health (and, weight!)

If you follow the above regularly, the GM diet (or, really, any other good diet!) will help you maintain good health and an ideal weight!